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Children, adolescents, teens... LSU Alexandria has fun classes for youth of all ages! What can we say, there's enough fun for the whole family!
To give teams and individual players a great Softball experience in a professional environment to improve their skills for the upcoming season!   More Info
Next Event Date:  09/02/2014 - 11/02/2014
Contact Hours:  0
Held at Generals Field on the campus of LSU Alexandria   More Info
Next Event Date:  09/08/2014 - 09/12/2014
Contact Hours:  0
Open to boys grades 9-12.   More Info
Next Event Date:  09/13/2014 - 09/13/2014
Contact Hours:  5
Camp will be available to the first 40 enrolled.    More Info
Next Event Date:  09/20/2014 - 09/20/2014
Contact Hours:  3
For softball players of all ages who feel they have the ability to play at the college level.   More Info
Next Event Date:  Coming Soon

The purpose of this camp will be to introduce young persons to a variety of sports and activities.    More Info
Next Event Date:  Coming Soon

Open to girls grades 9-12.   More Info
Next Event Date:  Coming Soon

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